Looking for land not far from St. Louis? Check out these lots! Each lot will be surveyed and staked at NO COST to you, the buyer!

The lots are located on Forest Lane in Potosi, Missouri. Land will be surveyed, at no cost to the buyer!!

Located in Potosi, just 55 miles SW of St Louis, Missouri. You may go see this property at any time, we do not require appointments and are happy to provide directions below, as well.

This lot is RV/Mobile home friendly!

Washington County, has access to many local streams – including but not limited too; Big River, Brocks Creek, Cedar Creek, Clear Creek and more!

Come explore this beautiful area, with St. Louis in close proximity! St. Louis offers tons of fun and activities to enjoy for all.

You won’t want to miss this lot, we offer guaranteed owner financing!

Lot 1 – SOLD

Lot 2 – SOLD

Lot 3 – SOLD

Lot 4 with 4.00 acres for $15,900 and $1,000 down and $291.30/month for 72 months

Lot 5 with 7.78 acres for $32,900 and $3,000 down and $454.01/month for 108 months

Lot 6 with 7.78 acres for $32,900 and $3,000 down and $454.01/month for 108 months

Lot 7 with 7.78 acres for $29,900 and $2,000 down and $423.64/month for 108 months

Lot 8 with 3.10 acres for $11,900 and $1,000 down and $287.04/month for 48 months

NO closing cost, NO prepayment penalty and NO credit checks!

Helpful Links:

Washington County River Access: https://www.washingtoncomo.com/186/Local-Stream-Access

Explore St Louis: https://explorestlouis.com

Map: https://mapright.com/ranching/maps/d4b0533c9ccc3e54ace065b7a399c1cb/share/

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/qZrdEbQ1Q4PC66vp8

Feel free to go and visit in person!

Some properties have locked gates, so please contact us before making the trip!

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