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One thing that makes Bright Land Sales stand out from the rest is our guaranteed owner financing! As the landowner, we provide you with hassle free financing directly through us – no banks involved. It is all handled 100% in house here, with no credit checks or the typical headaches related to dealing with lending.

Buying land can be a great investment, but if you don’t have the credit or can’t afford the down payment, then getting a loan through a bank is not likely an option for you. That’s where we can help!

How does owner financing work?

If we have a property for sale that you are interested in, we’ve most likely already set a purchase price, down payment amount, interest rate and monthly payment amount.After you choose the property you love, then we’ll have you sign the paperwork.  Once you pay your down payment, then you are free to start using your property! You’ll know up-front the purchase price, monthly amount and number of months you’ll be paying. If you decide to pay off the property early – no problem! There are no prepayment penalties!

How do I qualify for owner financing?

You’re qualified! We don’t perform any background or credit checks. We approve everyone and don’t discriminate, as long as you are not currently in default on any of our properties.

What type of down payment do you require for financing?

Some of our properties are available for $0 down… yes, that’s ZERO DOWN! Simply complete the purchase paperwork and maintain your monthly payments.

Click Here to see all $0 down properties currently available.

Other down payments start around $500 down and larger properties may require a higher down payment. See each property’s page for details.

What is your interest rate?

Our interest rates are typically 12%, however, depending on the property we may change the rate from time-to-time.

How long will I make payments?

Our loan terms vary per property. Lower priced properties have terms as low as 18 months. Higher priced properties may have terms as long as 20 years. If you decide to pay off the property early – no problem! There are no prepayment penalties!

Bright Land Sales Guaranteed Land Financing

We offer owner financing to make it easier for people to purchase land. We keep our contracts simple and straightforward with no hidden fees. Everything can be completed via mail with notarized signatures. Going to the bank for a land loan is often difficult, very time consuming and even with a sizeable down payment the interest rates are often very high. We are here to help you attain your dream of owning a piece of land.

Our Financing Features:

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