We Make Buying Land Easy!

Bright Land Sales was formed to make the land buying process simple, affordable and transparent. The transaction is handled directly with us (the sellers) and you (the buyer). We create the closing documents, and there are NOT any closing costs to you the buyer.

Our pricing is transparent and easy to understand. What you see is what you pay, simple as that.

Our financing is in house, and guaranteed. So don’t worry about credit checks, income verification, or providing us with a stack of documents like a bank would ask for. We like to keep things simple!

We specialize in “destination properties” outside of major metropolitan areas. We offer a lot of unrestricted land near lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, and more. Most of our customers just want an affordable property they can do whatever they want with!

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Owner Financing

Affordable, easy to understand payment plans. No credit checks. You’re already approved. 😉

Helpful Support

We’ll help you find the perfect property. Call us, tell us what your goals are & we’ll provide you with a list of properties that fit your needs.

Property Exchange

Transfer your past payments to a new property. Upgrade to a larger property at ANY time!

Properties Coming Soon

We release 10-50 properties per month. Our inventory changes daily. To get notified when new properties become available, enter your info below.

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    Have Question? We Have Answers

    Q. How do I purchase a property?

    If you find a piece of land that interests you, please fill out the request form and one of our agents will contact you within 24 hours.

    You can buy properties for cash at 20% off, or use our financing program to start using your land now… for cheap!

    Q. Are you a real estate company?

    We are a private buying group based in St. Louis, MO.

    We can sell to you direct, at lower prices, without the overhead of a real estate company.

    Q. How much are property taxes?

    Unless individual property descriptions state differently, all properties are free, clear and current at time of acquisition.

    Q. Why are your properties so cheap?

    Since we purchase at a large volume, we can sell you land at wholesale rates.

    Q. Do the properties have utilities?

    Unless specified differently in the individual property descriptions, the properties do not have utilities. Discuss more with our real estate agents.

    Q. How do you select your properties?

    Each property we purchase is hand-picked for the purpose of selling it. We select the most beautiful areas of the country and purchase areas that are perfect you for you.

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